Mac Miller Tickets

Can you believe the dude behind the Macadelic craze started making music in is freshmen year high? His first self-released album sold a meager 70 copies but it also served as his baseline for improving is music. By his third album, “The High Life” he has found his niche as an artist. The album easily recorded 30,000 downloads and started the fast life for Mac. His official debut album hit the number one spot on the Billboard 200.

The high school kid worked on his music and fought to stay in school. His numerous gigs and concerts led to many missed classes. But he completely convinced the Taylor Allderdice High School that he can do both and turned the school to hi support. Being a white man and rapper didn’t always work well. This is another challenge the kid from Pittsburg has to handle. It wasn’t long before he can convince doubters that he’s got the talent, the stories and the swag of a true hip-hop king, easily selling out every concert in his tour.

Mac Miller sings songs of the youth. He has a lot of odes to the young, carefree life with lots of parties and games. And why not, he has fought to live that part of his life too. He laments how success came between him and his youth. Now, he wants all the young people listening to him to get that time of their lives where there is only school, fun, friends and laughter.

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